Biloxi alum Colt Keith maturing into top prospect for Detroit Tigers

During his short time on the Coast, Biloxi alum Colt Keith proved to be the real deal on the diamond. The former Indian is living up to the hype as one of the top prospects for the Detroit Tigers who continues to hit over .300 just about everywhere he goes.

“Oh yeah, I mean in high school I got pitched around. I got a floaty curve in there once in a while, which honestly wasn’t too bad. But now that guys are coming straight at me out the gate with 102 up and in, I think I would take the loopy curve balls any day of the week. But it is. Guys come at you in the Minor Leagues. Everyone throws 100. Everyone throws 95, so guys come at you and it’s kind of their stuff versus yours.”

For better or worse, Arizona native Colt Keith sees a lot more fastballs than he used to, having transferred to Biloxi High School prior to his junior season. When he wasn’t getting intentionally walked, the lefty slugger was terrorizing opposing pitchers to the tune of .527 batting average with 25 extra base hits, including eight home runs, earning him Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year honors in 2019. “Always cherish those memories with my teammates and just, maybe a walk-off being hit with the stands filled with fans and all of us going crazy and having fun in that locker room back there, so I’ll always cherish those memories and I’m really glad I made the decision to move down here.”

Despite losing most of his 2020 senior season to COVID-19, Keith became just the 14th Biloxi player all-time to join the Minor League ranks as a fifth round selection of the Detroit Tigers with the 132nd overall pick.

The former Arizona State commit produced immediate results, that is until his 2021 promotion to High A West Michigan. “Confidence took a toll and there was a little doubt here and there, but just continuing to work every single day and knowing that I was going to come back and catch up with those guys, and once I matured a little bit, being able to outperform them in the end, it’s really great to finally see that happening.”

His second run through High A in 2022 like night and day, hitting at a clip of .301 with nine home runs across 48 games. However, his breakout season was cut short due to a separated shoulder. Once healthy, Keith responded by hitting .344 in the Arizona Fall League, vaulting him into the top 10 of third base prospects across all of Minor League Baseball at number eight, according to MLB Pipeline. “From those three years, I mean those are the biggest three years of growing that I’ve been through from going and playing with those guys that are three, four years older than me, I grew up really quick, and then after about that first year came physical strength and got bigger and stronger and started figuring it out. And I hope that this keeps on going the way it’s going because I feel like I’m getting better really fast.”

Now fully adjusted to the grind of a 140 game schedule, Keith placed an added emphasis on nutrition and working out, having added about 30 pounds of muscle since draft day. He says he expects to break camp at the Double A level which for some organizations is just one phone call away. “Yeah, it’s really becoming a reality of how close I am. I can’t even imagine it. Like I don’t even know what it would be like. The only thing I’m thinking about going out this year is batting .300, doing my thing. I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to see how I feel when I get there, but right now I’m just thinking about going out there and playing well.”

As a fan of Major League Baseball, Keith says some of his favorite players to watch are Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and the on the Tigers, Miguel Cabrera and Javier Baez.

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