Billionaire Buyer Stops in Biloxi

Two Gulf Coast businesses are hoping to parlay their small businesses for something bigger. They are getting the chance of a lifetime and coming face-to-face with CNBC’s “Billion Dollar Buyer,” who is also the owner and CEO of Biloxi’s Golden Nugget Casino.
Tilman Fertitta has made his way to South Mississippi for an episode of his popular TV show “Billion Dollar Buyer.” News 25’s Kristen Durand was on the scene for today’s filming and gives us a sneak peek.
Billionaire hospitality mogul Tilman Fertitta is all about trying new things and products. That search has landed the casino CEO right here in South Mississippi. He’s hoping to strike even more gold as filming of the second season of his primetime TV show “Billion Dollar Buyer” shines the spotlight on two local businesses: Pop Brother’s Popsicles out of Gulfport and New Orleans-based Kismet Cosmetics. “It was really important to me. Biloxi and Gulfport are important communities to me and it’s important to the Golden Nugget Brand and one of the things I wanted to do was shoot one of the shows here,” said Fertitta.
Fertitta will evaluate what each business has to offer and then decided whether to grant them a chance of a lifetime business opportunity: to partner with his business and brand, including Biloxi’s Golden Nugget Casino, one of the many casinos here on the Coast. Fertitta says we don’t need anymore. “Politicians love to talk about ‘I’m creating jobs’ but when you over build something, you cause people to layoff jobs and then you have a bunch of rundown casinos. Atlantic City is the most prime example and you think states like Mississippi would learn from New Jersey. Don’t make the same mistakes,’ said Fertitta.
Fertitta also says keep up with the times. “You’ve got to keep creating something new. Young people don’t play a lot of slot machines like older people do and I think you’re going to see a lot of innovation over the next few years.”
One or both of these two businesses may be in Fertitta’s big picture when it comes to business and the empire he’s built. Find out when the second season of “Billion Dollar Buyer” premieres on the screen later this year.

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