Bill to restrict transgender related healthcare in Mississippi

On February 21st, the Senate passed an anti-transgender healthcare ban with Bill HB 1125. Governor Tate Reeves prepares to sign the bill Tuesday.

The bill prohibits transgender related healthcare in Mississippi for people under 18. Care such as gender-affirming hormone therapy and puberty blockers would be inaccessible.

Governor Reeves will sign the bill at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in Jackson and the bill will take effect immediately.

Advocates across Mississippi have been working to defeat the legislation and help families access information and resources to protect themselves. The Trans Program Executive Director Jensen Luke Mator said, “I feel personally attacked. It does no good. It doesn’t prevent anything and it doesn’t help anyone with anything. We’re not just going to take the beating and let it be and move on with our lives ya know. We’re here to defend ourselves, defend our existence, defend our rights.”

There is a resource guide on to help the trans and LGBTQ+ community to prepare for this bill to take effect.

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