Stone Tomcats Gehrig Conard pitches complete game shutout two days after losing his father

Last night we started the show with a comparison between two tragic situations.

Just two days after the heartbreaking loss of Stone High School Athletic Director Kevin Conard, his son Gehrig took the ball in game one of his team’s third round playoff series against Purvis.

Much like Brett Favre played the game of his life on Monday Night Football just one day after losing his father back in 2003.

As fate would have it, there’s a connection to the Stone Athletic Department and the Favre family and Favre actually text Gehrig before tonight’s game, giving him some words of encouragement.

More than 1,000 tickets sold, unreal emotional scene pre-game, Conard embraced by senior catcher Triston Hickman after the National Anthem, fighting back the tears but he’s ready to roll.

5-nothing Stone, complete game shutout for Conard. “From the time we were playing coach pitch ball to right now, he’s been one of the most competitive kids on the team. Everything he ever did, he just wants to win. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ping pong match or a football game or baseball, he wants to win. And same way his Daddy was. And it’s just his presence on the team when he’s on the bump, you know we got this. He’s going to shove.”

“G is just a spark plug. He gets things started. You hear him yelling pre-game, hear him yelling on the mound, man. He’s just one of those guys that you love to play for. I’d run through a wall for G. I’d do anything for him. I love him, man.”

The Tomcats and Tornadoes will do it again in less than 24 hours with a 3 p.m. first pitch from Purvis tomorrow.

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