Beware of Fake Habitat for Humanity Donation Boxes

People are more likely to donate during the holiday season, but beware of where you are placing your donations. Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast has found over 18 bogus clothing donation boxes at various shopping locations. These boxes have the Habitat logo and use the word "humanity."

Officials want to ensure the public is aware that the boxes do not belong to Habitat for Humanity. The phone number on the box connects callers to a private company, not a non-profit organization.

Adele Lyons, Director of Development and Communication for the Habitat for Humanity, says, “We do not have any types of donation boxes like this. So, that’s when it was absolutely obvious to us that these were bogus and they weren’t ours because we don’t have any of these around. Any that anybody sees that looks like this, they’re not ours. They’re not for non-profit.”

Habitat has already spoken with several property owners who have not authorized the placement of the boxes are removing them.

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