Beverage company helps beautify parks in the City of Biloxi

A beverage company has partnered with the City of Biloxi to beautify two public parks with community gardens.

St. Mary’s Park on Wiltshire Boulevard and Savarro Park on Irish Hill Drive are getting the Talking Rain Beverage Company’s beautification treatment as part of its annual park program. St. Mary’s also had new playground equipment installed.

Cities in North Carolina and Texas were also picked for the program this year. Biloxi Parks and Rec Director Sherry Bell said, “Sparkling Ice approached me, and we decided what projects we wanted to do to beautify the parks. And one of the things we came up with was community gardens, not just here but Savarro Park also. Then the playground kind of trickled in and became a part of it too. It’s been 10 years since there was a playground here.”

A grand unveiling of these amenities will start at 11:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary’s.

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