Better Business Bureau warns of ‘Secret Sister’ gift exchange scam

While the holiday seasons brings lots of joy, it also brings lots of scams.

One popular scam that has been circulating around Facebook for years is the ‘Secret Sister Exchange.’ The post promises you’ll get anywhere between six and 36 gifts if you participate, but do not fall for it, it is a scam.

The Better Business Bureau says the exchange is a pyramid scheme that could put your personal information at risk.

The Gulfport Police Department tells News 25 scams like this tend to pop around the holidays. Gulfport PD Detective Jason Ducré said, “If you see something online that is too good to be true, chances are it probably is. You can always contact the Gulfport Police Department to make sure.”

If you have questions about holiday scams you can call the police department at 228-868-5900.

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