The Best and Worst of Super Bowl commercials

People wait for the Super Bowl all year long, some not for the game but for the commercials.

The Focus Group out of Gulfport went through their annual routine of watching the best and the worst of what Super Bowl 53 had to offer.

Rounding out the top of the best was the Amazon commercial called ‘not everything makes the cut.’ It featured Alexa’s voice coming from several products that didn’t make the cut.

Then the Pepsi commercial making fun of the southern stereotypical southern phrase ‘can I get a coke?’

The Focus Group Senior Account Executive Elizabeth Schoen says a good Super Bowl ad takes hard work to become a legend. “The commercials are the big debut for brands of the year. So, you spend weeks and millions of dollars producing these commercials so they better do their job and become memorable in a good way or a bad way because either way you’re going to be talked about.”

Some commercials that ended up on the ‘not so good’ list included Olay killer skin and Michelob Ultra the pure experience.

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