Best Practices from the Boss

This morning, Harrah’s Gulf Coast General Manager and Senior Vice President Jonathan Jones gave insight to his success at the ‘Best Practices from the Boss’ event.

Jones spoke to business leaders in attendance about his success and what steps are required to make good career moves and have happy employees. He says he attests his success to humility.

Some key points during his presentation gave those in attendance the advice to always be honest, be competitive, but don’t pick a fight you can’t win, always have a joke ready, and much more.

Most importantly, Jones says that everyone’s leadership story is different so there is not a fit-for-all plan. “The most important thing is that everyone has their own leadership story. Everybody has their own style. Folks need to recognize where they’re coming from. What they do today and hopefully today they were able to pick up one or two things that they can apply to their own style or tool belt and become a better leader.”

Jones also mentioned that the number one way a leader can be knocked down in the business world would be due to a lack of humility.

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