Berlin police accuse far right of trying to exploit killing

Berlin police say far-right extremists tried to stoke hatred against migrants by spreading false information about the killing of a teenage girl in the German capital last week.

Spokesman Winfrid Wenzel says police are examining whether to bring charges against social media users who railed against migrants following the killing of 14-year-old Keira G.

Among those facing scrutiny is Lutz Bachmann, the co-founder of German anti-Muslim group PEGIDA, who posted a picture of an innocent boy with the words “beast from the Caucasus … Chechen Muslim and ex-refugee.”

Wenzel told The Associated Press on Tuesday that police had “never experienced a murder case being politically exploited in such a way,” citing demands from the nationalist AfD party to identify the suspect.

A 15-year-old German suspect was arrested Sunday.

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