Benefit Concert for Military Family

After 12 difficult and emotional years of trying to conceive, a local military couple is finally getting their chance at starting a family. News 25’s Kenda Turley introduces us to the proud parents of three adopted siblings.
Doyle and Gina Bitgood always prayed for successful pregnancies, but never imagined they would have to face the heartbreaking news of infertility and miscarriages. Gina said, “We’ve had a neonatal death back in 2011 and that was pretty difficult.”
Little did they know, their long days of tears and stress would soon be over. The military couple is now in the process of adopting three siblings ages 4, 5, and 6. “They are very energetic. Each of them has obviously their own personality that you get to know on an individual level, plus they also have that group energy that goes with them at the same time,” said Doyle.
The couple couldn’t be more excited to start their journey into parenthood, but quickly realized the challenge of going from an empty house to a house full. “Zero to three. Clothing for three and beds for three and food for three,” said Gina.
Without hesitation, friends and family of the couple organized a benefit concert to help ease the transition financially. Family friend David Wilson said, “It makes me want to cry because they’re just so amazing. To watch their transformation from the day they got them until today is just night and day. They’re just beautiful.”
Once the adoption is finalized, Gina and Doyle will be the proud parents of two girls and one boy. “We’ve done foster parenting in the past so we knew we were capable of doing it obviously, but now that it’s here and it’s real, it’s just amazing,” said Doyle.
Anyone interested in helping the Bitgood family start off on the right foot can visit to make a donation.

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