Beloved rooster Carl 2.0 missing from Downtown Ocean Springs

Carl 2.0., a beloved rooster and unofficial town mascot for Ocean Springs, has been missing for days.

Sunday night was the last time residents saw Carl. There have been search parties and talk about his whereabouts on social media, but still no Carl.

It’s heartbreaking for local business owners and residents who have grown accustomed to seeing Carl roaming through downtown.

Ocean Springs resident Nancy Hodge has organized search parties for Carl and hopes that the community can work together in finding him. “I’m hoping to reach out to individuals. Maybe he’s shut up in a garage or a shed. So, I’m asking everyone to look around and make certain that he hasn’t wandered in some place and is locked up.”

If you happen to find Carl, drop him off at Twisted Anchor Tattoo on Government Street in Ocean Springs since that is where he likes to roost at night.

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