“Belle La Vie” Community Discussion

Tonight’s Biloxi City Council Meeting is expected to take place in front of a “Standing-Room Only” audience.

One of the “Hot Topics” on tonight’s agenda?
A proposal to create Belle La Vie.
The proposed subdivision in Woolmarket would bring single-family housing, multi-family housing, and commercial property to 600-plus acres of land in the Woolmarket area.
Hundreds of long-time Woolmarket residents are opposed to the idea because they initially moved to the area for the quiet and secluded feel.
In 2010… The same developers, pitcher point investments, bought land and announced a plan to develop a subdivision called “Hidden Spring”.
It was expected to create 400 homes and to this day, not a single home has been built.
Woolmarket residents fear the same thing will happen with the belle la vie project.
Tonight’s city council meeting begins at 6 pm.

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