Bed and Breakfast Proposal in Ocean Springs

After much controversy and a couple of road bumps, an Ocean Springs couple is still working hard to turn their waterfront home into a bed and breakfast. The request topped the agenda for tonight’s planning committee meeting at City Hall.
Scott Walker and his wife, Trinity, are in the process of trying to turn their home on East Beach Drive into a bed and breakfast. “A beautiful pool, great distance to downtown and of the five bedrooms that are in the main home, each bedroom comes with its own bathroom,” said Walker.
With kid-friendly rooms, a movie theater and a waterfront view, the Walkers feel their property is a prime location for both locals and tourists to take advantage of. “I think it’s wonderful for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s wonderful for Ocean Springs and it’ll be good to have people that have never been here before,” said Walker.
Not everyone is on board with the idea. Neighbor Tim Noble said, “It’s a quiet little neighborhood and we’d like to keep it that way and we don’t like a lot of strangers coming in every night to upset things.”
The planning commission held a public hearing at city hall about the residential home making a transition to a commercial property. After going into an executive session, city officials decided to revisit the bed and breakfast proposal in a future meeting. Attorney Jim Reeves said, “The East Beach community has traditionally and always been a residential community. We believe this will change the fabric and character of our community.”
Bed and breakfast facilities have been allowed in the City of Ocean Springs for 20 years. Walker tells New 25, bed and breakfasts are less controversial in neighborhoods because the owners are required to live on property while they rent out a portion of the home. “We’ve passed inspections. We meet all the guidelines. I think if there’s any opposition, it is opposition for other reasons. It’s not the actual permit itself,” said Walker.

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