Beauvoir’s Fall Muster: Living History Lesson

From cannonballs to parasols, local students got a preview of this weekend’s Fall Muster at Beauvoir.

History came alive at Beauvoir Friday as hundreds of local students learned about different aspects of life that existed hundreds of years ago as part of Fall Muster School Day. Beauvoir Board of Directors President Marc Thompson said, “I think when the kids can hear stories that they can relate to, it becomes things they can remember. To me, personally, that is what it’s about, giving them something to take with them when they leave, take it and think about it for the rest of their lives, hopefully.”

Like many of these students, third grader Kendyl Burnside had plenty of questions, but one thing was for sure for this third grader, Friday’s living history lesson sure beats a typical school day in the classroom. “I get to see new things I have never seen before. I never got to see a cannon get fired or anything like that. On regular Fridays we are taking tests and things like that.”

There were plenty of history lessons on tap at Beauvoir and different lessons at different stations such as how to hold a parasol to how to fire a cannon.

North Bay Elementary School teacher Mrs. Girard also left a lasting impression on her students who covered their ears and watched in amazement as their teacher helped fire the cannon at one station. “I was really proud and amazed and I kept saying in my mind ‘you’ve got this Mrs. Girard. You’ve got this.” (Would you have done it?) “No,” said Kendyl.

Even if you’re like Kendyl and have no desire to fire a cannon, you can catch all the action Saturday and Sunday at Beauvoir’s Fall Muster. “There will be a battle on Saturday as well. Of course, the house is open for tours. Saturday it will be open for tours as usual as well as the museum and the library,” said Thompson.

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