Beauvoir responds to flag and statue controversy

With the removal of the former Mississippi state flag and the demand for the removal of all Confederate monuments in Gulfport, News 25 reached out to Beauvoir.

Beauvoir is the former home of the president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis. A visit to Beauvoir is a look back at history. Many people feel the Confederate statue in front of the Harrison County Courthouse should be relocated to Beauvoir. Beauvoir Director of Development and Programs Kitsaa Stevens said, “Our first goal is to have the states, cities, and towns keep their Confederate monuments, but if they feel like they can’t do that then Beauvoir is open to taking in those monuments.”

Jeffrey Hulum III with the Extend a Hand, Help a Friend Foundation has been advocating for the removal of the state flag and confederate monuments for years. “They want to be able to tell the history. They’re willing to remove it at all cost to where they can tell it from their perspective and not from the world’s perspective. That lets all county officials know. What more are you waiting on?”

The removal of the state flag has been a very controversial issue. “It’s been an outstanding momentous weekend,” said Hulum. “It’s been 165 years too long to be here. History has been made and we will continue to grow.”

While at Beauvoir there are no plans to take down the Mississippi state flag. “As far as the current 1894 state flag, we will continue to fly it until they tell us to take it down,” said Stevens.

Beauvoir has already sold over 240 former Mississippi state flags. Under normal circumstances, they sell around 10 a month. “A lot of folks are coming in to get that flag, you know for historical purposes to keep it as a family heirloom. So, we’re selling a lot of Mississippi state flags.”

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