Beauvoir Ghost Hunt this Weekend

It has been hundreds of years since Jefferson Davis, his family or soldiers walked the grounds of the Beauvoir. Or has it?
Tomorrow night, the Southern Paranormal Anomaly Research Society will be hosting a paranormal investigation on the grounds of Beauvoir. Tickets are $40 and the “Meet the Spirits of Beauvoir” event begins around 6, but the real fun won’t begin until after darkness falls and investigators can truly see if spirits still roam the grounds.
Investigators will have until well after midnight to use popular ghost hunting equipment such as an EMF meter to try and catch spiritual activity. Paula Westbrook with the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society said, “Your leads are going to have all the equipment you need. We’re going to rotate to every hotspot in the location and there are a lot of hotspots. The library cabin is the craziest place on the property. It never disappoints us.”
If you are unable to hunt the spirits tomorrow night, there will be another investigation August 13th.
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