Beau Rivage Teams Up to Support Local Charities

All week long, the Beau Rivage is teaming up with local charities to give back to the community. This week, the M.G.M. Resorts Foundation granted $5,000 to the Bay Area Food Bank’s Backpack Program.

Lawanda Jones works with papers every day, but Tuesday, she worked with boxes and bags. She was among the hundreds of Beau Rivage employees who helped stuff bags for the Bay Area Food Bank’s Backpack Program throughout the day. Jones says, “You never know when you’re gonna’ need one of these services. You never know if you may actually have a family member who’s already utilizing it, but they just haven’t said.”

The Backpack Program provides supplemental meals for school children who are identified as hungry on the weekends. These students normally receive free school lunches and breakfasts through the Backpack Program. Each Friday, a bag filled with easy-to-prepare, kid friendly food is placed discreetly in a child’s backpack to take home. Cecelia Snyder, Child Nutrition Coordinator for the Bay Area Food Bank, says, “Mississippi has some of the highest rates of child food insecurity in the nation. Of course this is a huge, huge program for us and makes a huge impact on these kids.”

M.G.M.’s $5,000 donation is enough to pack 1,500 bags of food, supporting 40 children in the program throughout the entire school year in Mississippi. Snyder also says, “It’s great to have such a large amount that we can guarantee those kids every weekend for the whole school year. They know they will be taking that bag home.”

The program is just one of many during Impact Week for the Beau Rivage. All week long, Beau employees are pairing up with local charities to give back to the community. Jones closes, “So when you’re giving back, you know that you’re supporting your community and you know that your community cares. It’s just that overall good feeling of knowing you’re supporting such a great cause.”

Later this week, Beau Rivage employees will be making a trip to Gaston Point Elementary School to read to and do crafts with young students.

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