Beau Rivage holds crawfish boil in honor of Officer Robert McKeithen

The team at Beau Rivage Casino and Resort headed over to the Biloxi Police Department this evening to give the officers a well-deserved crawfish boil.

This event was brought about due to the cancellation of the Beau’s annual golf tournament with the department called ‘Heroes at Fallen Oak.’

When the event was canceled, the team at the Beau decided they still wanted to show their love and appreciation for the department and decided to boil crawfish for them at the station.

This boil was also in honor of fallen Officer Robert McKeithen.

This is just one way the Beau Rivage team likes to show their appreciation to the department and all of its hard work. Beau Rivage Director of Banquets Bruce Cartwright said, “First of all, it is an honor for us to do that and we, as much of an opportunity, try to take as many as possible and show our gratitude and come out and just give back, so any chance we get to do that, we’re going to take the opportunity.”

The chefs cooked over 500 pounds of crawfish at the event and served over 100 officers with the department.

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