Beau Rivage helping those impacted by Hurricane Ida

Beau Rivage Resort and Casino donated six pallets of water to the American Red Cross. This is a part of a larger on-going supply drive to help Hurricane Ida victims.

Earlier this month, Beau Rivage provided thousands of bath and hand towels, as well as ten cases of toiletries, hundreds of shampoos, conditioners, soap and lotions for comfort and hygiene kits.

The American Red Cross has been assembling them for distribution throughout the region.  Beau Rivage Community Affairs Manager Missy Dombrowski said, “It’s just important to give back to our neighboring state that’s in need right now. You know it’s not the question of if, just when, that any of us are going to be hit with a hurricane and we never know how many per year and that we are all here for each other.”

American Red Cross Volunteer Linda Goforth said, “We needed water desperately and right now we are taking six pallets and that sounds like a lot, but when you have 300 evacuees and we had over 300 people go through the Gulfport office in one day, it goes in a hurry.”

Beau Rivage has a long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross and plans to continue providing additional supplies in the weeks ahead.

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