Beau Rivage and Extra Table donated 300 turkeys to local charities

Birds were at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi early this morning.

Beau Rivage and Extra Table donated 300 turkeys to local charities. The turkeys were picked up at the Beau’s warehouse receiving dock by the recipients.

They gave them to local charities knowing they would be able to find families truly needing assistance this Thanksgiving.

Among those collecting the birds were Extend a Hand, Help a Friend, Hancock County Food Pantry, Loaves and Fishes, and the Lord is my Help. Beau Rivage Community Affairs Manager Missy Dombrowski said, “We love giving back to the community. We are in these unprecedented times due to COVID-19 and getting hit by Hurricane Zeta. A lot people don’t know where they’re getting their next meal and being able to help through the holidays it’s just fantastic.”

Extra Table Executive Director Martha Allen said, “Turkeys are an incredible source of protein that feed a lot of people. So, they’re will be 300 turkeys feeding families this Thanksgiving because of great partners like the Beau Rivage.”

Extend a Hand, Help a Friend shares with News 25 that they’ll give the turkeys to seniors that have lack of transportation or funds to purchase a store-bought turkey.

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