Bear visits home in Saucier

What would you do if a bear showed up at your house?

David Hamm of Saucier sent us video he took of a morning visitor at his home this week. Although bears are not frequent visitors to South Mississippi, they have been known to roam the area during mating season which is around this time.

They typically have a 150-mile area they travel in search of food and a mate. “Well, my wife was out on our screened in porch yesterday morning around 9:30, and she noticed her cats were acting really strange. They were freaking out, and she had to look over in the corner of the house and here comes this bear ambling around, so she goes into the house to get me and I come out and my dog came out and chased the bear away and I thought, ‘well that’s the end of that,’ but then about 2 minutes later he came ambling back on over here.”

Be careful not to feed them, though. Bears can return to the same area for up to nine years if they find a food source one time.

If you see a bear, please call 1-800-be-smart to report the sighting.

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