Beach Rental Business Down Due to Beach Closures

While we routinely see beach advisories here in South Mississippi, two weeks ago, a broken waste pipe shut down many popular beaches for several days and beach rental companies are seeing a hit in business.
Beach rental business owners say the combination of more publicity about Vibrio, combined with a waste pipe breaking has led to a drop in visitors.
Alston Evans, the general manager for Biloxi Beach Jet Ski Rentals, said “as far as business goes, it’s dramatically decreased our sales. As you can see the beaches are completely empty, very few people on it. Usually we’re pretty slammed.”
Evans says on weekdays since the closure, he has rented a single jet ski. While tourists may be instead going to Florida beaches, Evans believes it all a perception problem: “Pensacola Beach actually testes high for bacteria than Biloxi Beach does, and you know people associate dark water with dirty water, and that just isn’t the case.”
The USM Research Lab conducts weekly tests of beach water along the coast. If levels of bacteria are unsafe, MDEQ will list an advisory and suggest that you do not go in the water. Once an advisory is lifted, you should be safe in the water, unless you know your immune system isn’t up to par.
When MDEQ gives the green light for beach-goers, Evans and other beach business renters encourage visitors to come give their jet skis a whirl.

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