Beach day fun for MSU after bowl game practice

What’s a trip to Florida without a stop at the beach? The ReliaQuest Bowl had a nice beach day for both Mississippi State and Illinois fans to come together.

Coach Zach Arnett took the stage at the pep rally to thank Bulldog Nation for coming out to Tampa. The Bulldogs came straight from practice.

From a pie-eating contest to renting just about every water craft they had, the Bulldogs made the most of their couple hours of fun.

For a team that’s been through so much, linebacker Jett Johnson says they really cherish these times to bond with each other. “What’s been incredible you know we’re, everybody’s enjoying it. We’re glad to come down here to some warm weather and you know we’ve had good practices and had lots of fun and so far, so good. It’s been incredible. It’s great to see these guys out here having fun in the water. I heard that we don’t have too many good skill paddleboarders maybe we’ll work on that but you know, we’re just enjoying ourselves, glad to be on the beach, and having fun.”

Defensive lineman Cameron Young said, “It’s been a blast, you know, the ReliaQuest Bowl, they did a great job putting this event together. And we just have a good time. You know, these are my brothers. You know, they work hard to get here. We all work hard to get here. So, it’s great having this time together.”

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