Beach Bot Battle

Get ready to go nuts and bolts at Gulfport High School this week for their third annual Beach Bot Battle.

Robotics Team Fusion 364 will join forces with 24 other teams locally and around the country. Each year, students and their mentors have six to eight weeks to build their robot using 3D printing and engineering skills which will then head to the courts in a battle to see what robot can score the most points to take home bragging rights.

Gulfport High First Robotics Coach Clint Brawley says spectators will get to see 24 ways students solve the engineering challenge. “We’re actually teaching problem solving to our next generation. You can sit in academic classes all day long and learn the concepts, but when it comes to actually doing something and solving a real world problem, you gotta get some hands-on because you’re gonna fail in real life. The key to programs like this is learning from your failures and keep going and succeeding.”

The Beach Bot Battle is free and open to the public this Friday at noon and Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at Gulfport High School.

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