Bayou View Elementary collecting supplies to donate to Ukraine

People in South Mississippi are stepping up to help.

This week, students at Bayou View Elementary are collecting supplies to send to people in Ukraine.

They’re collecting hygiene products like soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, as well as batteries, diapers, and first-aid supplies like bandages and pain killers.

All items will be sent directly to Ukraine.

It began with Brynlee Walker, who wrote a letter to her principal asking if she could start collecting the supplies. “I was watching the news and I heard a lot of sad stories from kids, and they only have a bag or two with their belongings, and they don’t have much to go to another place to live, so I was thinking we could give them some things to use and everything.”

Supplies can be dropped off this week at the front office at Bayou View Elementary.

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