Bay St. Louis community working to help families of shooting victims

Community members in Hancock County are coming together to help the families of those injured in a shooting at an after-prom party last weekend.

Carl Ivey grew up on the Coast and is a Bay High alum, so when he heard about this tragic event, he and his family knew they had to step up.

Ivey planned a plate lunch fundraiser alongside community members. They’ll be serving up burgers, fish, and more for two days, Sunday and Monday starting at 10 a.m.

All of the proceeds will be divided between each family affected by the shooting.

Before this, Ivey had no relationships with these families, but he has slowly started to grow some. He said sometimes it’s hard to reach out in difficult times, but that’s why communities are important. “I think this is their time to grieve. This isn’t about me or anyone else but them. This is all for them. So, whether they reach out or not, I just want them to be sound in knowing that the community stands behind them.”

Ivey and his family will be selling plate lunches Sunday and Monday at 10 a.m. until all plates are sold at the Waveland Lighthouse.

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