Bay St. Louis Chief of Police Dies

The unexpected death of Bay St. Louis Police Chief Mike De Nardo sent shock waves through the police department and the community. News 25’s Hank Davis spoke with law enforcement leaders and city officials this afternoon and brings us the details surrounding De Nardo’s death.
A dark day for the City of Bay St. Louis, a crime scene in the one place you’d never expect it, the parking lot of the police station. Self-inflicted gunshot wounds took the life of Chief of Police Mike De Nardo. De Nardo had just been suspended from duty and relieved of his service issued equipment.
Investigators have been working over the crime scene all afternoon and now De Nardo’s patrol car is the only remaining evidence of this tragedy. Don Bass with Hancock County Sheriff’s Department said, “You know it’s a sad day when we lose one of ours, but it is today and we’ll handle it and we’ll get by and get these young guys through it. Waveland and the county and Bay St. Louis all work together.”
Multiple agencies are coming together to assist Bay St. Louis PD through this difficult period. De Nardo’s death has rattled law enforcement officers across Hancock County. The area’s police departments have worked together closely for years. Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame says De Nardo will be missed, but the police department is still very capable of performing its duties. “I’ve already placed the department in Wesley Mayley’s hands. He was the chief’s right hand man and I know it’s in good hands. That was his mission, to build a department that would function efficiently with or without him. Unfortunately, we’ll get to see what it does without him.”

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