Bay Residents Donate Blood to Benefit the Northeast

Residents in Bay St. Louis rolled up their sleeves for a good cause Wednesday.

Dozens of people showed up to donate much needed blood to the American Red Cross. Around 9,000 drives in the northeast have been cancelled due to severe storms. Hospitals in those areas rely on the donated blood to help those in need and the Gulf Coast is happy to help.

Nicole Hitchens, Account Manager for the American Red Cross, says, "Of course we always service out local areas, but with the national network that the American Red Cross has in place, we are willing and able to help our neighbors whether they are down the street or some states away, so we are really depending on donors in our area to help make up some of those units and to help us make sure that we are ready and willing to help our community here as well as those who are being affected by the storms."

If you didn’t make it to Wednesday’s drive, the next one will be held on Friday in D’Iberville. For more information, visit

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