Bay Cove Assisted Living and Memory Care Mardi Gras Ball

They may not be outside catching beads in the street, but seniors at the Bay Cove Assisted Living Facility in Biloxi definitely know how to party Mardi Gras style.
Residents came out of their rooms to collect beads and enjoy a taste of carnival season during the center’s annual Mardi Gras ball. The celebration started with the presentation of the royal court for the Krewe of Rockers and Rollers.
This year’s king and queen are Jerry Coffey and Sue Kuttnauer. Neither one grew up celebrating Mardi Gras, but tells News 25 now they couldn’t imagine a life without it. Sue said, “The beads, the people, just the excitement. The gold and the green and the purple is just everywhere and it’s fun.” Jerry said, “Getting dressed up. That’s different.”
This is the fourth year Bay Cove has put on the event. Activity coordinators hope to make it bigger and bigger each year.

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