Battle of the Bulge Reenactment at Beauvoir

Have you ever wondered what it was like for the soldiers in World War II? Starting Friday through the weekend, you’ll have the chance to see firsthand at Beauvoir’s Battle of the Bulge reenactment.
Dozens of reenactors will be on hand to show off their weapons and describe what it was like for those fighting in the snowy conditions. The actual reenactment will take place on Saturday with sand replacing the snow.
Those at Beauvoir recognize how important WWII veterans are to our country’s history and feel this is a great way to honor them. Beauvoir Tours, Programs and Events Coordinator Kitsaa Stevens said, “There are some surviving soldiers from World War II. Some of them we awarded certificates that had already passed, some we have living. So, we want to recognize the veteran, the soldier, because we’re a Confederate veteran’s home and it is all part of our military history.”
Also on hand this weekend will be author Mark LaFrancis who has compiled a poetry book of memories of World War II soldiers.

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