Battle For The Branches

Local first responders met up for a little friendly competition over the weekend at Southern Elite Fitness in D’Iberville. The first ever “Battle for the Branches” was a series of fitness tests, including a pull up and sits up competition and team-based events, like the tug of war and a truck pull. The contest was put together by the gym to push competitors to the edge, bring the community together, and raise money for those who are less fortunate.

Rich Hawthorne told News 25, “The exact thing that we want for this gym was to build community, to build camaraderie, to build motivation. These things bring people together.”

“Red” Williams told News 25, “We just decided to add everyone together, donate all the proceeds, all the registration fees, all the enter fees that are coming in as people come to watch are donation, just to give. And we just figure it’ a way to help out.”

All of the proceeds from the “Battle for the Branches” will go to wounded warriors of Mississippi.

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