Baseball Stadium Reaches Construction Milestone

The baseball stadium is one of the biggest projects to be undertaken by Biloxi since the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts, and Tuesday, city officials signed off on one of the last major milestones in its development.

Mayor A.J. Holloway and senior construction staff signed the last piece of steel that will be lifted into place to complete the framework around the stadium. With this groundwork behind them, crews will begin work on the field itself soon, taking major strides to meet the looming deadline of the start of the baseball season. The city knows that this milestone means that this project is truly becoming a reality.

Holloway says, “I guess that means they’re getting pretty close to the end of it, you know, they got my name on the end of the thing there, but anyway, this is a great thing for the City of Biloxi to get this minor league baseball team here. This stadium is going to be a beautiful stadium.”

While not willing to go on record with an estimated completion date, construction officials say the project is on schedule and they will continue to work as quickly as possible.

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