Baseball Stadium Construction on Track for Aug. Completion

Many people are excited about a baseball team in Biloxi, and construction of the home field is still going strong. Just a few months ago, the site where M.G.M. Park will stand was just a big dust bowl, but now it’s starting to take shape.

In last week’s topping off ceremony, the last piece of steel framing was placed and now it’s time to start laying down concrete pillars. Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, "What they’re doing is they’re fabricating the concrete someplace else, forming it up, then they’re bringing it in, which is helping to speed up the process."

With Monday’s celebration to announce the team’s name, the idea of baseball in Biloxi is starting to become more of a reality. Creel also says, "People are starting to get excited. They’re trying to sell season tickets now. What we want to do is see the stadium be done just as soon as it can be done."

The 2015 Southern League season will begin on April 9th, but it’s still unknown where the Biloxi team will play until the stadium is complete just four weeks before the season’s end. Under the 365 day contract, M.G.M. Park is set to be completed August 4th. Council members are hopeful that date can be pushed up. Creel closes, "What we’re hoping is maybe in January or February the contractors will give us a better estimate of where it stands. Everybody wants it to be done early, but we’re going against the weather, we’re going against the contract."

As of now, the $36 million stadium project is on schedule, but city officials hope to work with contractors so that Gulf Coast fans will be able to cheer for their home team at their home field earlier than the tail end of the 2015 season. The City of Biloxi will still have to find funding or sponsorship for items such as the scoreboard and the public address system.

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