Barry’s effects on the Gulf Coast

Though Barry is now making its way north through Louisiana, Barry left its mark over in some parts of Mississippi this weekend.

Although Mississippi so far has overall escaped the brunt of the storm, some parts of our Coast saw gusty winds and heavy rain, especially in the southwestern part of South Mississippi, leaving more than one hundred roads flooded in Hancock County as the storms began to pass through.

Choppy waves could be seen along the entire Mississippi coastline.

While the worst of it is over, Governor Phil Bryant still urges people to use caution, especially those who live near the Louisiana border where a few roads remain flooded. “Be very careful again when you’re traveling, but again, realize that this event is going to linger. One of the things that we’ve heard over and over again from the National Weather Service is this is a slow moving, lingering storm.”

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves said, “We want everyone to be careful, be cautious. If the thought comes into your head that maybe I shouldn’t cross this path or try to go down this road that’s got a lot of water on it, then perhaps you shouldn’t do it.”

Barry made landfall as a brief category one hurricane on the Coast line of central Louisiana Saturday, just west of New Iberia.

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