Barry Lyons’ Family Wants Recognition for His Role in Bringing Baseball to Biloxi

Former New York Mets player, Barry Lyons, was born and raised in Biloxi. For over 20 years, he has worked with city officials to bring Minor League Baseball to his hometown. But now that the Shuckers inaugural season is in full swing, Lyons has found himself outside of the process.
News 25’s Shelby Myers caught up with Lyons’ nephew, who wants to see the city give credit to his uncle for bringing baseball to Biloxi.
When Patrick Lyon’s was 27, his father committed suicide; recently Patrick has turned to his uncle and former New York Mets player, Barry Lyons, as a father figure. But more than just a father figure, he views his uncle as a man who fought for over 20 years to bring Minor League Baseball to a city that seems to have forgotten all about him.
“What’s happening is unfortunate and that’s all he wanted from the beginning was to honor his family, honor his city. He brought Biloxi to every city he played baseball in and he just wanted to bring baseball to Biloxi,” said Patrick Lyons.
In 1994, Barry approached Mayor AJ Holloway with the idea of a Minor League Baseball team in Biloxi. In 2004, he invited Tim Bennett, president of Overtime Sports, to give a detailed plan for baseball to Biloxi city council. Now, Barry Lyons has never been recognized for his efforts and was given no job with the Shuckers and his nephew is left wondering why. “It’s everything he envisioned happening, you know, bringing the whole coast together all with the same colors, with the same hat on and cheering for the same team and I just wish he was here to see it.”
Barry Lyons currently manages a baseball team in Connecticut, but Patrick says he knows his uncle wants to be back on the coast where his family and home are.”
In a recent phone call, Barry told News 25 he “plans to eventually speak out” but he is still articulating the words he wants to say.

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