Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship coming to Coast Coliseum

South Mississippi, it’s almost time to knuckle up at the Coast Coliseum for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event. This features two home state boys who have fought in the UFC.

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has caught the eyes and the hands of Mississippi’s own Jason ‘The Kid’ Knight and Chase ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ Sherman. On Saturday, you can head over to the coliseum to watch them both in action. Knight said, “I’ve switched over to nothing but boxing. I quit training with the MMA coaches, quit training with the Muay Thai coaches, and went to training with a boxing coach.”

Sherman said, “It’s kind of refreshing, man, just to get to focus on one aspect of the sport and really kinda dive into that.”

Knight will take on former UFC star Artem Lobov while Sherman faces former BKFC heavyweight challenger Sam Shewmaker. “In this fight I will be moving my head, having my hands up a lot more, moving my feet, hitting my angles,” said Knight.

Sherman said, “He hits really hard. He’s got a big right hand and a hell of a chin. He’s just a real blue collar tough kind of guy.”

Both Knight and Sherman have fought all over the world, but they say nothing compares to fighting in their own backyard. “Going back to the coliseum, I have put a lot of sweat equity into that place, coming up through the rankings. A lot of blood was poured into that place. I just plan on going out there and fighting with my heart and soul,” said Sherman.

Knight said, “All my fans who supported me to get to UFC, to get me to the next level, they are going to be there. They are going to be the ones screaming for me.”

The championship takes place April 6th. Tickets are still available starting at $35.

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