Bait shop and boats move to higher ground in Ocean Springs

In preparation for the storm, boaters are relocating their vessels to higher grounds all over the Coast. Nate has forced the entire bait shop at Ocean Springs Harbor to pack up and move in order to stay out of the storm’s way.
Taking the entry walkway apart was just the first step to save Marine Mart. Owner Kenny Dinero isn’t taking any chances when it comes to saving his bait shop that sits right on the water at Ocean Springs Harbor.“I’ve taken the gas pumps out. I had three machines there, then ice machines across the back.”
And Dinero didn’t stop there. “I’m moving the whole building. As soon as this guy gets here with a truck and a bobcat, we’re pulling this thing out here. We’re not leaving anything here. That’s what I’ve been doing all day. We’re moving everything that’s on the water.”
So are boat owners, like David Nix, who knows how quickly things can turn when it comes to storms like Nate. “It could get right here, right on the front Coast line and it could crank up to a two or three before you know it with no time for preparation.”
With the National Weather Service predicting a ten-foot storm surge coming in around high tide, seasoned boaters are getting their boats and trailers out of the harbor area sooner rather than later. “The waves coming up are going to damage it. So, now we have to relocate it and move it up to higher ground. There’s just no option. The value’s too high and the Coast is just too much,” said Nix.
High tide has already caused water to spill on to the roadway in Ocean Springs. The good news is Ocean Springs officials tell News 25 they are reworking the drainage in this area because Coast residents are no stranger when it comes to high water. “Two or three days ago, had no plans for this. Hey, scratch your plans for the week,” said Nix.
“It’s part of being on the water, just a pain in the neck,” said Dinero.

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