Bacot McCarty Foundation kicking off the Jolly

A Jolly good time is about five weeks away as members of the Bacot McCarty Foundation are re-kicking off their annual Jolly McCarty Memorial charity event.

The Jolly is now set to take place on Halloween weekend and it’ll still include their gala and golf tournament.

This is the third time the event was rescheduled because of COVID, although members of the foundation are now confident in the new date.

Due to the pandemic, all of the events will be taking place at Shell Landing that way everyone will be outside and have ample opportunity for social distancing.

Despite the changes, the foundation believes having this event is a necessity because of how the money raised helps countless members in the community. Bacot McCarty Foundation Executive Director Todd Trenchard said, “Having a super event like this, it’s important that we do have it because we are sort of setting the standard for the nonprofit for what they can do. So, we’re looking at how we can learn from this and practice social distancing guidelines and all the things that are mandated by this situation at hand. It will be different, but it will be the best event we can put on.”

Today there was a meeting for planning and strategies for the Jolly. Among those attending were donors and recipients of the money raised from the Jolly like Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Lynn Meadows Executive Director Cindy DeFrances said, “For many years now the Jolly has been very good to us. They have helped us raise money and given us grants and we get to participate in the big fundraiser. We bring in items to the auction and whatever we sell we get 100 percent of the proceeds back. We always look forward to this event.”

The proceeds from this event will allow the foundation to assist others in the community. This year the event has a Halloween theme, which some would consider perfect considering the time and the mask mandate.

If you would like to attend or learn more about the Bacot McCarty Foundation visit

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