Backyards and Beyond: Katrina Exhibit

A preview of the Backyards and Beyond Exhibit is being held at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. It’s an exhibit to remind those all across the country what happened August 29th, 2005 but also to find some healing.
Step through security and take a look to your left and you will see the artwork of H.C. Porter. The Jackson artist said it took years to put this entire project together. “Took three years after Hurricane Katrina to actually complete, to collect the images. The photographs were collected. I started about two weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit.”
These pictures focus on those who lost so much in the storm. Porter tells News 25 that this is just the beginning of a bigger exhibit opening at the Waveland Ground Zero Museum.
Many emotions will be felt by those who come and experience this museum and relive the events that occurred on that terrible day. Porter hopes these exhibits can also bring some healing and comfort to those affected by Katrina. “We have the opportunity to allow that individual to tell their story and come to some healing through that, but it was always know what they were being heard.”
The pictures will be at the airport until the beginning of September.
Waveland Ground Zero is holding a preview event of Backyards and Beyond on August 29th from 4 to 9 p.m.

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