Back to School Jamboree at Gulfport Central Middle School

As students and parents start preparing for school in August, the ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ organization will also give back to those in need.

On August 2nd, the ‘Back to School Jamboree’ at Gulfport Central Middle School will have school supplies for all students who attend with their parents.

Coordinator Jeffrey Hulum III tells News 25 there will be a bunch of activities at the jamboree both parents and students can benefit from. “So this year, we are going to bring school supplies, haircuts. We are also going to do some feeding this year. Also, we have some mentors that are going to speak to starting the kids off in the right direction with the ample amount of school supplies they will need to get them started.”

Topics discussed at the jamboree include success in the classroom, parental engagement, technology, and social media awareness.

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