Back Bay Mission Repairs Home for Family of 7

The holidays are known as a time of giving. Two local companies are teaming up with Back Bay Mission to work on a home for a family of seven.

While the ground outside is wet from the rain, the walls of a home in Gulfport are wet with a fresh coat of paint. Back Bay Mission is completing a home for a family of seven who asked for their help as a last resort. Craig Steenkamp, Associate for Housing Recovery & Volunteer Programs, says, "They started building this home a few years back and through loss of job and unemployment and everything else, they haven’t been able to complete it."

Back Bay Mission relies on help from volunteers to get these projects done. Thursday, representatives from both Valspar and Lowe’s were there to lend a helping hand. Valspar donated the paint that was being put on the walls Thursday and Lowe’s is donating the flooring, which will be put down in a few weeks.

About 12 volunteers from both companies were painting Thursday, working vigorously to try to get the family back into their home before Christmas. Marisa Lamey, Lowe’s Store Manager, says, "We’re giving back to our community. Our community is where we live. It’s a part of our service to our community."

The family is currently staying with extended family down the block and is eagerly awaiting the day they can get back into their home. Building the house has been a dream of theirs for a long time, and Back Bay Mission is doing everything they can to make it happen. Steenkamp closes, "We feel like a family with five kids really needs a safe roof over their heads, so we’re trying to do what we can."

Friday, Back Bay Mission is handing over a key to an elderly veteran whose home they’ve been working on since May.

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