Back Bay Mission hosted 2nd annual Hunger and Homeless Walk

Back Bay Mission teamed up with Biloxi Bicycle Works to host a walk, ride, or run to raise awareness around hunger and homelessness.

According to James Pennington, the executive director at Back Bay Mission, there’s 1,700 people living on the streets in Mississippi and on the Coast, about 300 people. “I think it’s really critical right now. We’re seeing a huge increase right and the cost of living here and food, everything right. We know that that’s going to push people to the edge and we’re probably going to experience more homelessness and people living in poverty.”

Pennington tells News 25 most people are confused on how some homeless are without jobs since there are so many available.  A lot of barriers could interfere with a homeless person getting a job, including lost or stolen identification and no transportation.

Bart Luther, owner of Biloxi Bicycle Works, strives to give the homeless hope by helping with their bikes, fixing any problems they have to help improve their lives. “A bicycle is a survival tool. We get a lot of people that the bicycle helps them get to their job on time. It helps them go get a job interview. It helps them get across town and look for jobs and look for places and meet people.”

Pennington said, “The latest statistic in Mississippi is one in four children go to bed hungry each night, which is strange because that’s the exact statistic for Haiti and Haiti is almost the poorest country in world. Yet, here in Mississippi, we are the same.”

This is the second year Back Bay Mission has done this event and they will continue to hold it in the future.

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