Back Bay Mission holding ‘Cookies for a Cause’ fundraiser

Back Bay Mission is committed to strengthening neighborhoods, seeking justice, and transforming lives. To help raise funds, they are selling cookies from local bakeries around the area.

Back Bay Mission is allowing buyers to not only support Back Bay Mission, but also be a cookie judge. You can purchase a box of 14 gourmet cookies from 12 bakeries across the Coast for $50.

Back Bay Mission Development Coordinator Laura Payne Breeland tells News 25 why they decided to host a cookie fundraiser. “We were thinking of different cookies that we liked across the Coast and you are not going to drive all the way to Long Beach to pick up your favorite cookie over there and then drive all the way back to Gulfport or Biloxi to pick up your favorite cookie from there. So, we decided to put it all in one box and we want to support our local bakers so we paid them and got sponsors to cover their cooking cost so they wouldn’t be out of money. We also have local bakers such as Beau Rivage, Scarlet Pearl, that donated cookies to us as well.”

The fundraiser will run until July 14th. To place a cookie order, visit the Back Bay Mission office or order online at

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