Back Bay Mission celebrating 100 years of service

Back Bay Mission’s biggest supporters from different states came to Biloxi to learn more about the organization and celebrate 100 years of service.

Each guest was given a scenario at the door as an opportunity to see what it is like “in their shoes” as a homeless person. The scenario gave background information on a real person and the problems that were brought to Back Bay.

Each guest went through the normal process to receive help for a better understanding of the programs offered.

Today was the first day of four days of events, finishing with a church service held by the United Church of Christ. It’s the first service held at Back Bay since the 1970s. Director of Client Services Sarah Smith said, “It gives them a real-life experience, but also raises awareness of what we do here on the Gulf Coast so that people don’t think we’re aiding and abetting homelessness. We really are trying our best to move people forward. The needs in our community in homelessness are unique from other communities. So, it’s really getting a chance to see a snapshot from Harrison County homelessness rather than the communities they are from.”

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