Babysitter Saves Children from House Fire

Some Biloxi children are safe and sound today thanks to the heroics and quick thinking of their babysitter.
Biloxi firefighters tell News 25 their caretaker rushed into action after hearing a smoke alarm go off while she was bathing the children just after 7 o’clock last night.
Second grader Macy Kiel plays outside of her home, just hours after her friends next door escaped a fire that broke out last night. All of the children inside, ages one to eight, made it out safely thanks to their babysitter who rushed into action after hearing the smoke alarm go off.
The sight of the flames scared Macy, but she’s happy her friends are all ok. “We were woken up and told ‘your friend’s house has caught on fire but they’re okay’ and I kind of cried a little because I just wanted my best friends to be safe and I was just relieved.”
The Biloxi Fire Department was able to contain the fire to the bedroom and thankfully there were no injuries.
Neighbor Elizabeth Williams said, “To me, it looked huge! To me, it looked like it was going to take the whole house.” Firefighters tell News 25 the blaze destroyed the master bedroom and damaged the attic. The house also has water damage.
Macy said, “We’ve been just trying to help out and my parents were actually the first people to see the fire and we seen smoke everywhere, just burning down.”
For now, the family has been forced out of their home and aren’t sure when they’ll be able to move back in. Their neighbors are already helping out, handing over towels and clothes.
As for Macy Kiel, her playmates next door can’t return home soon enough.
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