Baby Jane from 1982 cold case has been identified

In 1982, the lifeless body of a toddler was found in the Escatawpa River beneath the west bound lane of I-10 near Pascagoula.

With her identity unknown, the little girl became known as Baby Jane, but today after 38 years, Baby Jane finally has a name.

On December 5th, 1982, the body of a female 18-month-old child was discovered in the Escatawpa River near I-10 in Jackson County. Until now, the toddler was known as Baby Jane. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “With the assistance of the sheriff’s office, department and the FBI, a candidate family member were identified through DNA testing at the Orthram Lab. Baby Jane has been identified as Alisha Ann Heinrich, daughter of Gwendolyn Clemons, both of who went missing in Missouri in 1982.”

Sheriff Ezell says Gwendolyn left her family home in Joplin, Missouri on Thanksgiving in 1982 to travel with a male friend and looking to start a new live in Florida.  That male friend, who was identified as a suspect in this case, is now deceased.

Now that Baby Jane has been identified as Alisha Ann Heinrich, the man who adopted and hosted her funeral back in 1982, Virgil Moore can update her headstone with her given birth name and picture from her first birthday. “I was just so elated. You know to know after 38 years who my baby is.”

Law enforcement hopes showing the names and faces of Baby Alisha and Gwendolyn will remind someone with more information about the case. The fate of Gwendolyn is still unknown and under investigation.

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