Baby dolphin found on the beach in Pass Christian

A baby dolphin was found dead on the beach in Pass Christian today.

He is the first, with more to come as stranding season begins. The Mississippi Sound is home to the most bottle-nose dolphins in the U.S.

Because of this, anywhere from 50 to 60 dolphins will find themselves stranded on the beaches.

According to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, most of these stranded dolphins are young. The first one found this season is thought to likely be a stillborn, but a necropsy will be done as a precaution. IMMS Stranding Coordinator said, “So, we treat all these animals that wash up on the beach like an investigator does. So, we take photographs to document everything, we take measurements, and then we look at the animal both internally and externally. So, we’re hoping to find a cause of death. Likely with this animal it was probably an aborted fetus based off the size. But we will look further into that when we complete a full necropsy.”

IMMS urges people to not touch animals found on the beach and to call the rescue team at 1-888-767-3657.

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