Award winning author Natasha Trethewey honored with trail marker in Gulfport

A Mississippi icon in the writing and poetry world had her legacy cemented in Coast history after years of inspirational work.

Gulfport native Natasha Trethewey has been a writing and poetry icon across the nation for years. Now, her legacy is officially cemented on the Coast.

Friends, family, and fans of her work gathered at the Ship Island pier in Gulfport where her very own trail marker was unveiled to the community. MS Gulf Coast National Heritage Area Director Rhonda Price said, “You know, experiencing today is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it’s an honor for us to be a part of the special day.”

Trethewey was born in 1966 with poetry playing a major part for most of her life. She worked her way up to her first published collection called ‘Domestic Work’ in 2000.

Many of her works focus on the racial history and legacy of both the state and the country as a whole with the American Civil War making common appearances in her works. “This place, Mississippi, it has both a brutal history but also a terrible beauty. I think so much is formed in the crucible of a place like this. It seems like it would be impossible for one to not be a writer.”

Trethewey has won many awards during her career including a Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2007 and being United States Poet Laureate and Mississippi Laureate in 2012. “There’s not many occasions that one could come out and actually take part, shake hands with the author that wrote a Pulitzer prize and was a former US Laureate and a Mississippi Laureate.”

Trethewey’s trail marker is one of a series of markers that will be placed across the state that will honor writers as legendary to Mississippi as she is. “I join William Faulkner, Ida B. Wells, Richard Wright, Margaret Walker Alexander, Eudora Welty. To be a part of that legacy is pretty remarkable.”

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