Avoiding road rage

Last year in the United States, 30 murders were linked to road rage disputes.

Tailgating, cutting people off, speeding: these are just some of the things that can sometimes push drivers over the edge. Road rage has become a serious issue in the United States with AAA reporting over 1,200 road rage incidents taking place in 2018. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “We’ve seen incidents around the country where people kill each other and then after it’s over, you know, they realize ‘I just killed someone for cutting me off.’”

With road rage becoming more common, Sheriff Ezell stresses the importance of staying calm and just removing yourself from the situation entirely. “Be a good witness, call it in. Don’t get involved. Normally you have family members in the car with you. Would you want them to be in danger? No.”

On Wednesday, Sheriff Ezell and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department displayed why reporting a dangerous driver is the smart thing to do, safely subduing a suspect who was reportedly driving reckless in an 18-wheeler. “Thankfully yesterday, to my knowledge, no one was seriously injured and we were able to reach a peaceful conclusion.”

Wednesday’s incident mirrored a similar one in 2009 in Jackson County when a man wielding a sword was shot to death by Pascagoula police. The actions by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to subdue the suspect without harm caught the attention of the Moss Point Jackson County branch of the NAACP. Moss Point-Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark said, “A life was saved and still the suspect was apprehended. We’d like to commend the law enforcement agencies, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, and also the Mississippi Highway Patrol in the way that they handled the situation yesterday.”

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